GuardianVets offers expert triage, a cutting-edge telehealth platform, 24/7 credentialed veterinary technician support, and a healthier, less chaotic practice.

  • Distractions

    No More Distractions

    We handle everything from intake to triage so you can stay focused on what you love - taking care of the patients.

  • Next-Level Service

    Offer Next-Level Service

    Our credentialed veterinary technicians provide 24/7 coverage for your community. We’re on-call so you don’t have to be.

  • Stay

    Stay In-House

    GV keeps business in your clinic, increasing appointments and encouraging long-term relationships with clients.

  • Game

    Game-Changing Efficiency

    Our tech suite retains revenue and grows your practice.

The GV Difference

Chances are, you’re seeing an explosion of patients. GuardianVets combines easy but powerful technology with the support of credentialed veterinary technicians to give you the space to breathe and focus on taking care of your patients.

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Set Up in Minutes Save Yourself Hours

Managing a practice doesn’t have to be chaotic. Our solutions take the stress off your team and drive results fast.

1. Let us know what you need.

Running an on-call practice and looking for better work-life balance? A busy ER flooded with patients? Is your practice too slammed to take on new clients? Are you ready to grow, but struggling to hire? We’re ready to help.

2. Load your protocols.

It’s simpler than it sounds. We work with your team to formalize the processes of your practice and translate day-to-day work into action items. From there, our team can step in and take over triage, intake, and/or on-call hours.

3. Take a deep breath.

That’s it! Seriously. Our solutions simplify and streamline your processes, so you can prioritize the things that matter.

Introducing: the GV-Suite

GuardianVets provides a unified system to support your veterinary practice.


GV-After Hours

Offer top-quality care 24/7.

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Front Desk

GV-Virtual Front Desk

Offload calls. Stay organized.

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Cutting edge triage support for emergency clinics, specialty care, and universities.

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Telehealth without the hassle.

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GV Works for You

8.4+ million

staff minutes saved (and counting)


appointments referred


emergencies handled


quality of life for veterinarians and the animals they serve

Our Customers Love Us

Here’s how GuardianVets makes a genuine difference for our community.

“One of our clients came by our hospital in person to thank us for GuardianVets triage service. They called us after hours and GuardianVets handled their concern with their dog with care and knowledge. They were thrilled and wanted us to know how happy they were.”

Community Animal Hospital

Veterinary Clinic

“We really love GuardianVets as an added value to our practice. We want to be available for our clients 24/7, but we all need a work/life balance too. Having the peace of mind that our clients can talk to a live person any time we are closed is priceless.”

Sea Island Animal Hospital in Beaufort

Veterinary Clinic

“GuardianVets saved our sanity! When our clients call after hours, they reach a veterinary professional who helps them determine if they’re dealing with a pet emergency. We’ve captured nearly $20,000 of revenue that would otherwise go to an emergency practice.”

Dr. Elena Garde

The Global Alliance for Animals and People3

  • Veterinary Emergency
  • True Care
  • River Ridge
  • Ocean State Veterinary
  • Northshore Veterinary
  • North Country
  • Lake Road
  • Kokomo Animal Hospital
  • Firehouse Animal Health
  • Emergency Vet
  • Dove Lewis
  • Den Herder
  • Day and Evening
  • Carlisle Small Animal
  • Midway Vet
  • Ashaland Area

We’re Here to Help

We’ve built our credentialed veterinary team and our technology suite to work hand-in-hand with your team. We’d love to discuss your practice and your needs! Schedule a quick one-on-one with a member of our team.

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