Make sure that your patients are covered you care about most

Have an experienced veterinary technician answer calls after-hours, so you can keep your work life and home life separate

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Trusted by thousands of veterinary professionals

Say goodbye to burnout

Make sure your clients are getting their needs met, while also getting the time off you deserve

Give continuity of care

We use your protocols, so your clients receive the same level of care 24/7/365

What is burnout costing YOU?

2,841 after-hours cases triaged

- Cascade group, AH of Wenatchee, WA

455 hours of phone time saved

- Cascade group, AH of Wenatchee, WA

128 emergencies handled

- Rural Practice, Greywolf, WA

What could you do with an extra $1,000/week?

You know clients want continuity of care. But you don’t want to compromise quality of life by being available 24/7… We’re here to help.

GuardianVets assures your clients are getting the attention they need while you get the downtime you deserve. Our team can triage your clients after-hours concerns, including scheduling appointments for the next business day – giving your clients peace of mind, and helping them avoid unnecessary costly ER visits. Using your specific protocols, our credentialled veterinary technicians are available when you are taking the time you need to recharge.