Offer Continuous Care Even When You're Not There

  • Professional triage

    Professional triage

    Credentialed veterinary technicians are on-call to decide the level of urgency and manage appointment requests.

  • There at the worst moments

    There at the Worst Moments

    Our expert team guides your clients through the 2 a.m. emergencies so you can rest easy. It’s a better quality of life for you and your patients.

  • Keep clients in-house

    Keep Clients In-House

    No more unnecessary ER trips. For non-emergent situations, we’ll recommend or schedule an appointment for the next business day.

How Does GV-After Hours Work?

Tailored to Your Needs

After hours, calls to your office are passed on to GV’s credentialed veterinary technicians. We’ll follow your protocols to decide how to handle every case.

24/7 Care

Late night emergency? Throwing up on Christmas Eve? We’ve got it covered. We’re there 24/7, 365 days a year so you can get off the clock and recharge.

Experienced Professionals

A GuardianVets team member will direct a caller one of three ways:
  • Coordinate an appointment for the pet to be seen during business hours
  • Contact the on-call DVM
  • Refer the caller to your practice's preferred emergency clinic.
We’ll send a detailed consultation report to your GuardianVets portal.

What Can I Do With GV-After Hours?

Provide Unlimited Coverage

Provide the absolute best quality of service without working more. Your community will love the continuity of care.

Improve Work-Life Balance

No need to worry when you’re off the clock. GV-After Hours has you (and your clients) covered.

Stay in the Loop

We record and archive all calls so you’re always up-to-date.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is GV-After Hours?

    We built our after hours service to help vets provide continuity of care while maintaining work-life balance. Here’s how it works: 

    • A client calls outside of normal business hours. 
    • Instead of going to voicemail or directly to the on-call vet, our team of credentialed veterinary technicians triage the case, assessing the need for emergency treatment and directing the caller to appropriate care- whether that’s contacting the on-call DVM, sending the patient to the emergency room, or recommending the next-available appointment during regular hours.
    • On-call vets can rest easy, knowing that they’ll only get a call when they’re truly needed. Clinics that don’t offer on-call can provide life-saving care without any additional labor from their staff, all while creating great customer experiences and keeping revenue in-house.
  • Who is taking calls?

    We’ve spent years building up a highly experienced team of CSRs and CVTs. We look for multiple years of experience in the veterinary world, and candidates applying to our triage team need 3-5 years minimum ER experience.

    New hires go through extensive training before taking a single call and are shadowed on their early shifts. No matter a team member’s level of experience, every call is recorded, and we do regular call reviews to maintain the best possible experience for your clients.

  • How do we know cases are being handled correctly?

    It starts with our expert team. We hire extremely qualified people, and work with them through an intensive training course before they take a single call.

    From there, we run consistent self-auditing and call reviews to make sure that protocols are being followed and that the service provided is top-notch.

    Finally, all calls are recorded, stored in the platform, and available to you instantly so you can always know exactly what kind of experience your clients are having.

  • Does GuardianVets diagnose or provide treatment?

    No. We follow VCPR strictly and help the pet owner to understand the level of urgency of the situation without providing diagnosis or treatment. Our goal is always to support the relationship between DVM and patient.

We’re Here to Help

There’s no need to burn out. Take the night off, see a movie, and trust that GV is providing top-quality service to your clients. Sound good? Schedule a quick one-on-one with a member of our team.

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