Offer Continuous Care Even When You're Not There

  • Overnight communication

    Overnight communication

    Leverage technology to establish a communication hub for your clinic that works beyond office hours.

  • Calls Triaged by LVT/CVT/RVT

    Calls Triaged by LVT/CVT/RVT

    The GV-Triage Team will provide on-call advice, triage calls from customers, & manage appointment requests.

  • Return revenue to your clinic

    Return revenue to your clinic

    Increase customer satisfaction & ultimately increase the number of appointments you are able to take on.

How Does GV-After Hours Work?

Upload your communication protocols for your practices

We onboard you to the GuardianVets software & then you can personalize your GV-Experience so we know how best to serve you!

Care For Our Furry Friends

From there a GuardianVets team member will be able to determine if this pet can wait to be seen till the next business day, or if this pet needs to be taken to an ER to be seen immediately.

Keeping Record

A GuardianVets team member coordinates an appointment for the pet to be seen during business hours, contacts the on-call DVM, or refers the caller to the practice's preferred emergency clinic based on their protocols. A detailed consultation report with the result of the call is sent to the hospital’s GuardianVets portal.

What Can I Do With GV-After Hours?

Unlimited Coverage

Receive and answer calls outside of normal office hours. GV-After Hours offers coverage even on National Holidays.

Work-Life Balance

Feel the relief that comes with overnight coverage. GV-After Hours helps with client retention by streamlining client calls.

Always On Record

Calls are recorded & archived then accessed through a fully customizable interface. Client analytics can be viewed in the dashboard.

What Are You Waiting For?

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