Shhh.... We’re Giving You The Silent Front Desk Treatment.

  • Doctor

    Virtual Extension Of Your Veterinary Team

    Help create a more personalized user experience for pet owners by making it easier for them to book appointments.

  • phone-call

    Shorter Hold Times On Phone Lines

    Our Triage Team streamlines the call flow. When pet owners call in to check on their pets' health records, we'll be there to provide accurate information.

  • Medica team

    Offload Pressure On Front Desk Staff

    Save the sanity of your staff! Our team streamlines call volume so clinic staff has more time to focus on urgent on-site needs.

How Does GV-Virtual Front Desk Work?

Keep The Phone Lines Open

Clients can call in with any medical situation & reach a live veterinary professional. A GuardianVets team member evaluates the situation to determine the level of urgency.

Maximize Staff Productivity

The GV-Team is able to handle all the tasks of a CSR so the clinic can focus on more urgent requests.

Meeting The Demand

Our portal integration allows for easy access to patient records, & GV-Virtual Front Desk provides a convenient way for clients to contact the hospital with their queries.

What Can I Do With GV-Virtual Front Desk?

Offload Calls, Stay Organized

We're here to maximize efficiency. Our virtual team member is available remotely to engage in all duties of a CSR, at a fraction of the cost!

More Appointments

Expand the capacity of your clinic with GV-Virtual Front Desk. Avoid lost client revenue from missed appointment requests.

Expand Your Practice

Staff up quickly & easily to meet client demand. Our product reduces the strain on your front office team while satisfying customer needs.

What Are You Waiting For?

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