No More Missed Calls

  • Relentless appointment

    Relentless Appointment Requests? No Problem.

    Veterinary practices have never been busier. Our on-call staff covers phone overflow, so you’re not taking calls when you’re needed elsewhere.

  • Say goodbye to hold times

    Say Goodbye to Hold Times

    Our team streamlines the call flow. We can provide information on a pet’s health records, book appointments, and handle triage.

  • Take the pressure off

    Take the Pressure Off

    With GV, you’ll gain back time and focus. It’s all about a healthier, less chaotic practice.

How Does GV-Virtual Front Desk Work?

Expert Service

Passing your phone overflow to GV means that clients can call in with any medical situation and reach a live veterinary professional.

Maximize Staff Productivity

The GV-Team is able to handle all the tasks of a CSR. We’ll take care of the calls so your team can focus on more urgent concerns.

Informed Assistance

Our portal integration allows for easy access to patient records so clients can contact the hospital with their queries without distracting your team.

What Can I Do With GV-Virtual Front Desk?

Offload Calls, Stay Organized

Our CSRs and credentialed veterinary technicians handle all the duties of your front desk team remotely at a fraction of the cost.

Expanded Capacity

Never miss another appointment request. We handle the scheduling so you can keep revenue in-house.

Grow Your Practice

Hire where it counts. We’ll reduce the strain on your front desk team while providing industry-leading service to your clients.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is GV-Virtual Front Desk?

    Our front desk overflow service supports practices that are overwhelmed with too many calls coming in during the day. GuardianVets steps in to alleviate long hold times, scheduling struggles, and client frustration. 

    You’ll set your phones to roll over to GuardianVets after a set number of rings and we’ll massively streamline your administrative load, giving your staff the space to focus on in-clinic tasks. We’ll also triage urgent cases and direct those callers to the appropriate care.

    If you’re struggling to staff locally and the overwhelming volume of calls is pulling assistants and techs away from your exam rooms, our virtual front desk service will give you the ability to breathe, focus, and see more patients.

  • Who is taking calls?

    We’ve spent years building up a highly experienced team of CSRs and CVTs. We look for multiple years of experience in the veterinary world, and candidates applying to our triage team need 3-5 years minimum ER experience.

    New hires go through extensive training before taking a single call and are shadowed on their early shifts. No matter a team member’s level of experience, every call is recorded, and we do regular call reviews to maintain the best possible experience for your clients.

  • How is working with GuardianVets different from hiring more people?

    Hiring is hard! It’s a struggle to find qualified applicants in the first place, and those that can hire often struggle with high turnover rates. It’s an expensive process with lots of hidden costs- especially in training. 

    GV provides support that’s never late, never calls out, and is available 24/7. We ingest your protocols and can follow your hospital’s SOP’s without needing training from your team. We’re a supplement to your existing staff that saves you time and money while maintaining a consistent experience for your clients.

  • Will my practice maintain a community feel?

    Compassion, empathy, and customer service are universal, and our team excels in those areas. We provide a steady voice to guide your clients through thick and thin. 

    Working with GuardianVets gives you the space to prioritize the experience of clients and patients in-clinic. Your team will be amazed at how much time and energy they gain back to focus on face-to-face interactions, and your clients will feel the difference.

Top-to-Bottom Efficiency

Our credentialed veterinary team and technology suite offer better service, smoother organization, and effective triage. Your clients will love us. Interested? Schedule a quick one-on-one with a member of our team.

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