How GuardianVets Drives Revenue for Practices

It’s one of the biggest questions we get when we’re talking to prospective clients: what’s the value? Can we afford GuardianVets, and will we see enough of a return on that investment?

We get it. Partnering with GuardianVets is a phenomenal step forward for your customer experience and can be a lifeline for your team, but you have bills to pay and it can be hard to think about another expense. The thing is, for many clinics, GuardianVets is a huge revenue driver- providing both work-life balance and financial dividends.

Let’s look at a few case studies of hospitals using GuardianVets to improve their bottom line. 

1. Night-time appointments retained

For general practices, after hours calls are often a huge revenue leak. A client reaches out with an urgent concern when the clinic is closed and gets an answering machine message directing them to the emergency room. 

For some cases, this is sound advice, and the result is what you’d hope: the patient gets the care that they need. For many others, though, the symptoms described really don’t necessitate a trip to the ER. That’s a huge waste of money for the client, not to mention a bad experience in their hour of need.

Enter GuardianVets. Our triage philosophy: it’s not a question of “if” a patient needs to be seen, but “when.” When late night calls come through, our staff directs emergent cases to the on-call DVM or the emergency room, while turning non-emergent cases into appointments for the clinic. 

This drives revenue for your practice in a couple different ways. We recapture revenue that would be lost to the ER while providing a much better customer experience, which drives long-term loyalty to your hospital. 

Here’s what the process looks like in action:

For a group of four hospitals utilizing GuardianVets for their shared on-call, GV triaged 2,841 cases and set 238 next day appointments in a twelve month period. At a conservative $200 average client transaction, that’s $47,600 in recaptured revenue over the course of a year.

On the other side of the spectrum, GuardianVets handled 250 cases for a small, single DVM practice in rural Illinois in a single year, directing 58 back to the clinic as next-available appointments. That’s $11,600 in revenue generated.

2. The Hotline

Let’s look at a radically different example. A regional corporate group worked with GuardianVets to build a hotline connecting a general practice, an urgent care, and an emergency room. The GuardianVets team directs callers to the appropriate care, keeping patients in-house. Essentially, the goal here was to create a centralized ecosystem of care within the group, and the results were astounding.

In about five months, this hotline drove $87,075.65 in revenue from new clients. Broken down, that’s:

  • $1,300.94 from new clients at the general practice
  • $22,285.93 from pets seen at the emergency room
  • $63,488.78 from pets seen at the urgent care

GuardianVets was able to serve as a major tool for growth, delivering value far beyond the cost of the service.

3. Emergency room coverage

For one emergency hospital in a mid-sized Virginia city, GuardianVets handles an average of 1,135 cases monthly. That comes out to about 140 hours saved for staff in-clinic every month. Another emergency and specialty hospital that partners with GuardianVets is able to offload 1,734 calls each month, winning back 217 hours for their team. 

On top of the actual time saved, though, GuardianVets is able to segment and divert cases, which results in better patient outcomes, as well as higher revenue. 

For example: imagine two callers. One patient is itchy and won’t stop scratching. The other has been hit by a car. By diverting the itchy patient away from the ER, GuardianVets keeps exam rooms open, ensures that volume is manageable, and prioritizes higher-value cases.

Remember: GuardianVets provides 24/7 coverage, so your team can rely on our relief staff at all hours of the day and night. Partnering with us frees you up from the rat race of constant hiring by building out a support structure that can be available day and night without the hassles of sick leave and vacation time.

These are only a few examples. Our clinics use GuardianVets to advertise to new clients, encourage customer loyalty, expand their availability, and much more. We’d love to chat about the ways that we can drive growth for your clinic! 

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