Focus on the patients in front of you

GuardianVets Call Intercept handles incoming calls, so you can treat your patients without being distracted

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Trusted by thousands of veterinary professionals

Keep your customers' trust - and their business

With Guardian Vets you can stop missing calls or sending clients to voicemail. Our team picks up your call overflow and provides your clients with the guidance they’re looking for.

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Focused staff, calmer practice

No more trade-offs: your staff can concentrate on the task at hand without being distracted by screening client calls

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Schedule more appointments with less hassle

With GuardianVet’ help answering calls, your practice will be more efficient, even when short staffed.

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4864 admin calls answered

- Emergency Practice, Brook Farm, NY

$273,000 in

- General Practice, Galena, IL

826 hours of talk
time saved

- Speciality Practice, Centerville, TX

How it works

  1. When your team is unable to answer a call, GuardianVets’ Call Intercept is ready to assist.
  2. The GuardianVets’ team is a seamless extension of your team. Our highly trained LVTs will answer your clients’ calls to your specifications and can triage cases as well as book appointments and refill prescriptions.

With GuardianVets, your in-house team is allowed to focus on the pets in front of them, without the distraction of endless client calls.

Practice medicine, not management

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