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Emergency Vet

7-DVM Practice, VA

This small practice in a mid-sized city in Virginia had a sudden influx of new patients in early 2021 – but was unable to make any more hires due to the size of its reception area. A rise in calls could have proved overwhelming, which is where GuardianVets stepped in with Emergency triage support. Providing 24/7 expert triage from credentialed veterinary technicians allowed the hospital to divert non-emergent patients, and prioritize the pets that really needed help. GuardianVets adopts the protocols of its clients, meaning for a smooth transition for all staff involved. Without non-emergent calls coming through, staff can focus on their most pressing concerns in-clinic. Meanwhile, those at the other end of the phone receive faster, high-quality advice no matter what time they call.

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The numbers with GuardianVets

GuardianVets makes it extremely simple and easy to manage a GV Suite

1,135 calls per month

- Time saved per month

140 hours of CSR talk time per month

- Time saved per month

691 emergencies triaged

- Time saved per month

94 administrative cases handled

- Time saved per month

134 appointments made for speciality services

- Time saved per month

Smoother triage, calmer waiting room, shorter wait times

- Key results

One of our clients came by our animal hospital in person to THANK us for GuardianVets triage service. They called our office after hours and GuardianVets handled the concern with their dog with such care and knowledge they were thrilled and wanted us to know how happy they were. The advice comforted them and spared them a trip to the emergency clinic. - Tammy Community Animal Hospital of Royal Palm Beach

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