Our Values

  • Respect


    For the individual and the practice at the heart of the human-animal bond

  • Compassion


    For our fellow humans and the pets we love

  • Integrity


    As the cornerstone for personal and professional conduct

  • Innovation


    As a mindset to challenge the status quo

  • Transparency


    As a tool to continually improve

  • Commitment


    To the pursuit of excellence and hard work

Our Team

Our trusted team of licensed veterinary professionals provide triage, telemedicine and best-in-class technology support, so you can achieve work-life balance while enhancing client and patient care.

  • John Dillon

    John Dillon


  • Shawna Garner DVM

    Shawna Garner DVM

    Chief Veterinary Officer

  • James Parrelly

    James Parrelly

    Chief Operations Officer

  • Edgar Rios

    Edgar Rios

    Marketing Manager

  • Paula Bostrom

    Paula Bostrom

    Customer Success Manager

  • Holly Sawyer DVM

    Holly Sawyer DVM

    Veterinary Regional Director

  • Sarai Quimby

    Sarai Quimby

    HR Manager/Payroll Operations

  • Davis Parker

    Davis Parker

    Head of Growth

  • Elyse Silvenis

    Elyse Silvenis

    Staffing Manager

Our Vision

To be the leader in veterinary communication solutions, helping veterinary professionals and pet owners improve the wellness and welfare of the pets we love.

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