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  • Telehealth Made Easy

    Telehealth Made Easy

    Conduct virtual appointments for a speedy, simple checkup.

  • Offload Pressure on the Office

    Offload Pressure on the Office

    Virtual appointments on GV-Talk help to manage the flow of patients throughout the day.

  • Simplified Billing

    Simplified Billing

    Request payments in the app and generate cash flow through automatic appointments.

How Does GV-Talk Work?

Keep The Conversation Going

GV-Talk is a personalized app for seamless interactions between your staff and your clients.

Multiple Channels

  • Communicate and complete appointments via video or text.
  • Text-based conversations can be performed at a time of your own choosing (asynchronously).
  • Text-based consultations can expand to include veterinary specialists when presentations are complex and the specialist is too far away or booked out too long.

Easy Set Up

Our veterinary telemedicine solution integrates seamlessly into your practice so you don't skip a beat.

What Can I Do With GV-Talk?

Connect More Easily

Texting-based communication is quick, simple, and popular with clients.

Clear Documentation

Support staff through appointment documentation & PIMS integration.

Strengthen Client Relationships

Quick, regular communication makes it easier to stay up-to-date with a patient’s health and build a stronger relationship with the client.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is GV-Talk?

    Our communications toolset allows clinics to offer telemedicine, as well as creating quick, seamless ways to chat with customers, handle billing, and more. 

    Think about it like this: phone calls are interruptions that need to be answered in the moment, and telephone tag can be time-intensive and frustrating. GV-Talk allows you to respond to client questions quickly and efficiently via chat- all without sharing your personal phone number. Our video capability also saves time and opens up exam room space by allowing you to handle re-checks and other smaller appointments virtually.

  • What if we’re not tech-y?

    The good news is that you don’t have to be! Our software is simple to use and we prioritize user-friendly design in every update. Whenever you do have concerns, our team is here to help and we also offer a library of useful resources!

    More broadly, finding ways to blend technology into your processes is the way of the future. Hiring isn’t a viable solution for the vast majority of veterinary hospitals, especially as demand grows for 24-hour support. It’s vital to find ways to augment your staff without burning out, and the best way to do that is by using the new tools available to you.

  • What kinds of hospitals does GuardianVets work with?

    It’s easier to list the kinds that we don’t partner with! GV doesn’t work with production animal, and we are more limited when it comes to equine and mobile practices due to their unique scheduling needs. 

    If you fall into one of these categories and aren’t sure how we might work together- reach out! We’d love to talk and see if we’re a match.

  • Does GuardianVets offer other services?

    Yes! GV-Talk is only one part of our suite. We offer:

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